Living world built by realistic data

Yet an evolving sandbox for experiments and adventures.

The world was created by real data - income level, country relationships, population etc. However, airlines can influence this game world dynamically. Some rather low traffic airport in real life can be turned into a major aviation hub!

Connect the world! Sophisticated transit simulation

No longer will you see a straight number X demand from airport A to B. The demand and simulation model is dynamic and realistic in this game.

The simulation takes into consideration of all possible routes for a virtual passenger that wants to travel from Airport A to B.

Every virtual passenger is unique

Virtual passenger has different preferences on pricing, flight quality, brand loyalty, lounge etc.

Create a budget airline to attract thrifty passengers or create an elite airline for passengers that are willing to pay a hefty price tag for premium services.

Alliance and Flight code sharing

Work with your alliance airlines to create the ultimate airline network!

Top alliances are awarded with awesome bonus and bragging rights!

Engaging game-play that challenges your management skill

Try to expand your airline while keeping the profit margin! Watch out for competitions from your rivals!

Active and friendly game community

Hundreds of active players! Strategize with your fellow alliance members to dominate the aviation world or go for a friendly chit-chat with other players in the in-game chat or forums!

Free and open source

100% free! No ads, no strings attached! This is my hobby, not-for-profit project.

The source code can be found in github. It is under very active development with new contents added frequently

Donations are welcome via Patreon to help with keeping the servers up and running. You can still enjoy all the features of the game without any donation! Joining the airline-club family is the best support for all of us!

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Airline-club is a sophisticated strategy game, based in a perpetual sandbox world. A multitude of game styles and tactical options exist for potential airline CEOs to help build their airline and their alliance.

Find out if you have what it takes to make it to the top or carve out a corner of your own in the dynamically competitive world of

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